Worked with a trainer and didn't get results? Perhaps you want to make sure you are getting the proper

assessment of behaviour before starting training. I can help!

In-home Consultations
Available to those in the Kamloops/Vernon B.C. Canada regions

What Goes on During a Behaviour Consultation?

Dogs are so abused in the name of training, and it's completely unnecessary. Science has proven there are better ways to train that actually create a better trained dog in the long run. This is what I teach my clients and their dogs.

I pride myself and my business on bringing the most current training information to your home, I train dogs and teach humans to find a compromise and build the relationship where both parties are happy during training and both get what you want.

The consultations are 2 hours done in your home (within my regions), here we go over the history of the dog, past and current training methods (if any), environment, relationships and assess the presenting behaviour complaint(s). After I gather enough information (usually within an hour) I will go over the program that I create specifically for you and your dog(s) for the remainder of the session (usually an hour). 

If additional training is needed in the long run, I will recommend either a program plan for the future, I usually go with the flow on this and book according to how well the dog is doing within a specific time frame from the consultation. Or recommend you to another trainer in the area that may offer classes that would be suitable for the dog. 

My goal is to get you and your dog to a place where you can live stress free and both parties be happy.

Consultations are 2 hours done in your home and cost $180

This comes with an assessment of behaviour, training program and a detailed emailed copy of

what we went over with exercises and a step by step system.


· ​Has worked with dogs for over 15 years

· Recognised as an Expert Witness for Canine Behaviour in the Canadian court of law​

· Owned her training business (Modern Canine Training) since 2010 

· ​Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant by the IAABC

· ​Committee member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultatns (IAABC)

· Certified Dog Trainer by Animal Behavior College

· Writes training/behaviour articles for Pets Magazine since 2011

· ​​Member of the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC)​

· ​​Member of the Pet Professional Guild​ - a site dedicated to force free trainers

· Regularly Attends Seminars and Conferences for dog training and behaviour in Canada & U.S

- Presenter at Animals in the Plaza 2016 in Langley B.C

- Presenter at Pet Expo 2014 Vancouver, B.C.